Firm Overview

As most of you know, I am not in the habit of “mass mailings.”  Perhaps I should have been, but I know that I don’t like getting them so I assume others feel the same.  However, I do have a significant announcement that seems appropriate for a wide audience.
After 41 years of practicing primarily business immigration law, I have decided to close my office.  This certainly does not mean that I will “go gentle into that good night.”   Rather, I have accepted a position with the Boston office of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.  I am very grateful to the District Director, Denis Riordan for initiating the discussion and following through to make it happen.  My first day of work – for the government – will be this coming Monday.
I have worked very hard to make this as seamless a transition as possible, placing the best interests of my clients at the top of my list.  It was a long and oftentimes confusing process, but I have had a lot of experience in dealing with the government.
One example helps to illustrate the overall uncertainty.  On Monday morning, January 23rd I received confirmation of my “report” date to be Monday February 6th.  On that same Monday afternoon, President Trump signed an Executive Order freezing all federal hiring!  The next day, I received a personal phone call giving me the “bad” news that in spite of months and months of processing and examination and review, my “unconditional” offer was now on hold!!  It was not until that Thursday that a follow up notice advised me that I had been confirmed to report.
The uncertainty of the process was at the basis of everyone telling me not to “change” or do anything until I was finally confirmed.  However, as a solo practitioner, I cannot simply “walk away” from my clients on a moment’s notice.  I spent months dramatically cutting back on all new cases and referring out many of them.  I also worked very hard to “finish up” existing cases.  I have now transitioned those few remaining cases that could not be completed, to other lawyers who I knew to be competent and capable of doing exceptional work.
The bulk of my cases have been transitioned to the offices of Attorney James Eiss (  I would urge anyone with questions about new cases to contact Jim directly at (716) 633-9300 or through his email at  I have also been working closely with Andrea Wisner on a number of recent matters.  She can be reached at (813) 358-6707, and her email is  Finally, for “high volume” applicants I would encourage you to call Rami Fakhoury at Fakhoury Global Immigration.  His email is and the office number is (248) 643-4900.
It has been a wild and fascinating 40+ years.  I am certain that the “next chapter” will also be an exciting one.  I want to thank my clients, friends and colleagues for the many wonderful years.
Roy J. Watson, Jr.