Firm Overview

Skilled immigration. Growing your business. Building our nation.

At Watson Law Offices, we believe that everyone benefits when U.S. employers are able to hire the best and the brightest, allowing them to grow their businesses and compete in our global economy. When our businesses are strong, our nation gets stronger, because competition and growth means more commerce for our economy and more jobs for Americans here at home.

Founded in 1975, Watson Law Offices represents companies seeking to employ foreign talent in the United States. In today’s knowledge-based global economy, competition requires businesses to hire the best and brightest. These skilled individuals are often foreign nationals, for whom employers face a complex and expensive process to obtain work visas. Nonetheless, the demand for skilled labor continues to rise each year as the number of visa applications far exceeds the number of visas made available. With stakes this high, our clients rely on Mr. Watson’s impeccable record of success. In nearly forty years of practicing immigration law, Mr. Watson has represented thousands of cases and can count his failures on two hands.

Whether your company recruits individuals already in the United States or from abroad, including from within the ranks of your own overseas affiliates, attorney Roy Jack Watson, Jr. will provide the sophisticated legal counsel necessary to protect your investment.